Find the Right Keto for You.

The Ketogenic diet is becoming increasingly popular as people learn about the benefits of ketosis in their health and weight loss goals. While the Ketogenic diet has proven to transform bodies internally and externally, it is very important to understand how to truly maximize the success of this lifestyle.

This information will help you to safely and effectively maintain a steady state of the ketosis regardless of what stage of the Keto lifestyle you are in.

Getting into Ketosis

Before we can maintain ketosis, we need to understand what ketosis is and how to get our bodies into this primary metabolic state. Ketosis occurs when the body does not rely on carbohydrates for energy, which are its regular source of fuel, and instead begins to turn to fat for this source of energy. The ketosis process has multiple benefits that go far beyond weight loss. These beneits include:

1 - Inhibition of hunger and faster weight loss.

2 - Regulation of blood sugar.

3- Improvement of cognitive functions.    

4- Increased attention span.

5- Reduced inflammation.

6- Reduced risk of illnesses such as type II diabetes.

When the body is in ketosis, fat is used as a source of energy, and ketone bodies, or "ketones," are created to use the transform this fat into energy.


It is not uncommon that you may have periods of increased carbohydrate intake, for example, before exercise, which pulls you out of the ketosis state. Some people may experience side effects such as constipation or kidney stones if they are in a state of complete ketosis over a long period, which would cause a need to break your cycle of ketosis. This is where short-term ketosis can be used to put the body in the state of fat burning long enough to be effective, but also for the right amount of time so that your body is able to function as successfully as possible. In many cases, people who are very active can use the targeted ketogenic diet (which is also short term), which allows them to eat 25 to 50 grams of carbohydrates immediately before exercise to fuel their body immediately, and then continue to eat ketogens beyond this. Exogenous ketones (ketones are taken as additives) can also play a role here to help the body stay strong.


Cyclic ketogens are a more flexible version of the Ketogenic plan, and has similar circumstances. They typically include keto intake for several days in a row during several days of consuming higher levels of carbohydrates. Unlike short-term and long-lasting ketosis, the goal is not to be in ketosis for a long time, but to make the diet more adaptable and allows you to find the most benefits.

Guide to maintain your Ketogenic diet:

1. Find your individual needs

2. Follow your carbohydrates with ketosis

3. Check the ketone level

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