Don’t Catch the Keto Flu

Don’t let flu-y symptoms ward you off from your weight loss mission!

You will find a lot of research backing the fact that keto diet leads to weight loss and is a good option when it comes to obesity treatment. It mainly works by reducing your appetite as you are able to derive higher levels of satiety with the protein and fat intake. However, the diet has few shortcomings, one of them is having flu-like symptoms. 

Your body will react, potentially not so favorably, before it adapts to the change in dietary intake. Cutting down drastically on carbs and increasing your intake of proteins and fat can shock your system. As a result, many people who are stricken with keto flu go through symptoms of electrolyte loss, carbohydrate withdrawal, and dehydration. Find below some of the ways through which you can beat off the keto flu. 

Maintain your body’s electrolytic levels,

To beat the keto flu, you must ensure proper intake of salts which fulfills your body’s need for potassium and magnesium. Take some green leafy vegetables to ensure balanced electrolytic levels in your body. 

Drink that water!

Secondly, you should also stay as much hydrated as possible as it is natural for the body to excrete its water when the carb levels decrease. You will also be better off by keeping hydrated if you have diarrhea, feel fatigued, or have sore muscles. 

Mind your rest.

Thirdly, resting properly is also a good way to fend off the symptoms of keto flu. When you take up the ketogenic diet, you are likely to be exposed to fatigue and an inability to sleep which can in metaphorically light your stress hormones on fire. Take every measure to soothe your senses by having adequate hours of sleep, reducing screen time, taking a soothing bath or decreasing your caffeine consumption. 

Gradually get into the diet - don’t jump! 

Lastly, you must monitor the amount of fat and carbohydrates you are consuming. A proper way to get into any treatment is to take it up (or leave off) gradually. It would be natural for your body to react adversely when you abruptly change your dietary routine.

However, if you cut back on carbs gradually and then progressively increase your fat consumption, your body will not react severely, and you won’t be exposed to keto flu. 

Supplement with exogenous ketones.

You can curb the effects of the keto flu by avoiding the in-between stage of ketosis altogether. By forcing your body into ketosis with exogenous ketones, like Rayn BHB, you don’t give your body a choice. You’ll be able to have more clean, useable energy immediately.